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Southwestern Corn Salsa

As I mentioned in my previous post, I've returned from a brief hiatus from blogging and I'm happy to be back in the kitchen. Earlier this week I shared a delicious french puff recipe that can be easily turned into strawberry shortcake, or a cinnamon sugar treat. Today I'm changing course and sharing a savory recipe. This southwestern inspired appetizer is perfect for a dinner party or summer barbecue.

I try to limit my snacking, but one of my weaknesses is chips and salsa. I love almost any dish with peppers, onions, and spicy flavors! I previously shared a traditional tomato based salsa. This past week I decided to experiment with a different type of salsa. This corn based salsa is lighter than the traditional kind and perfect for summer. The salsa is packed with fresh veggies, delicious southwestern flavors, and it couldn't be easier or quicker to create.

Rather than tomatoes, this salsa recipe base is a southwestern style corn. If you can't find this type of corn at your local grocery, try seasoning regular corn with red peppers and southwestern seasonings. Besides peppers and onions, the other star of this salsa is avocado. I've only recently jumped on the avocado bandwagon, I was reluctant to try it at first. A few months ago, though, I had some fresh avocado in California and discovered how much I enjoyed it! It's a great complement to the other flavors in the salsa.

Southwestern Corn Salsa ingredients:
  • 1 can (~15 oz) southwestern style corn
  • 1/4 red onion, diced
  • 1/2 small avocado, cubed
  • 1/4 green pepper, diced
  • 1 tbs cilantro, chopped
  • Fresh lime juice
  • Dash of salt

Southwestern Corn Salsa instructions:
  • Drain southwestern corn and place in bowl
  • Mix in onion, green pepper, and avocado
  • Add in cilantro, salt, and a few squeezes of lime juice
  • Mix thoroughly 
  • Refrigerate until serving

French Breakfast Puffs Served Two Ways

It's been crickets on my little corner of the web lately, but I'm back! Moving and work have kept me busy the past few months, but things have settled down and I'm breaking in our new kitchen with some delicious recipes.

While I was on my blog hiatus, my Pinterest boards began filling up with new recipes I wanted to try. One in particular that caught my eye was a french breakfast pastry recipe I found from the Pioneer Woman. These delicious desserts are light, airy, and just the right amount of sweet. On their own, the breakfast puffs are the perfect blank canvas for spices and flavoring. 

The Pioneer Woman's version was covered in cinnamon sugar, which sounded amazing. But then I was at the grocery and passed by some ripe, juicy strawberries that were screaming strawberry shortcake. I went back and forth a few times before I decided why not make some of both?!

No matter what spices and flavors you accent the puffs with, these treats are sure to tickle your taste buds!

Celebrating the Derby with Flavors of KY - Bourbon

Saturday is the Kentucky Derby and I'm sharing recipes all week that celebrate the flavors of the beautiful Bluegrass state. I no longer live in Kentucky and definitely miss some of the sights, sounds, and flavors. I decided to pick a few of my favorite recipes that represent my home state.

One of the first flavors that probably comes to mind when you think of Kentucky is of course bourbon. The whiskey can be used in so many recipes including main dishes, sauces, and desserts. I haven't ventured past savory dishes with my bourbon experimentation in the kitchen, but I've enjoyed all of the tasty recipes!

I've used KY bourbon with burgers, pork chops, and salmon - each result was an equally scrumptious course. The vast flavor profile of bourbon pairs nicely with spicy BBQ flavors, as well as sweet maple sauces.

Bourbon Ancho Chile Pork Chops - Pork chops seasoned with an ancho chile rub and covered in a bourbon ancho chile sauce - slightly sweet and perfectly spicy!

Spicy Whiskey BBQ Sliders - Mini burgers soaked in a sweet and spicy sauce.

Bourbon-Maple Pork Chops with Apples - The flavor of the pork chops and apples are enhanced with this sweet sauce starring bourbon and maple.

Maple Bourbon Salmon - Another bourbon and maple sauce that complements salmon with a bit of crunch from pecans.

I can't choose my favorite among these recipes...they are all so different but equally tasty! Check back tomorrow for a round-up of my favorite Southern dishes that you will most likely find at any KY potluck.